Steve McEllistrem

The Devereaux Dilemma

Ode to Gravity


How simple and yet how complicated

You make our universe

Altering time

Crushing the embryos of stars

Into fiery existence

Coalescing galaxies and nebulae

Pulling every object toward each other

No matter how tiny or distant

Asserting your dominance in the macrocosm

Despite your irrelevance

In the sub-atomic world.

We who are held in your grip

Tethered to our tiny blue pebble

Afloat in the cosmos of infinity

Listen to your waves

And move at your beck and call

Even though you are not a force

But a mere consequence

Of space-time’s curvature.

We abide by your dictatorship

With only rare complaints

For you treat us all the same

Or close enough.


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