Steve McEllistrem

The Devereaux Dilemma

Oh, Universe

Oh, Universe

Are you truly made of string?

Do you vibrate eternal

Your one-dimensional objects stitching our creation

Weaving the genesis out of which we arise?

Oh, Universe

Why do you hide your dark matter

Absorbing light and radiation

Into fabric we cannot see?

Are we not worthy of truth?

Oh, Universe

Do you sit at your loom

Warp knitting your dark energy

Accelerating your boundaries

Into infinity

Like a scarf you cannot finish?

Oh, Universe

Will we freeze while we wait

For you to tie off your masterpiece?

Perhaps you wait for gravity

That spinning ball of yarn

To wind you back into a singularity

A big crunch

So you can begin again

Recycling yourself

Into another U.

book 2 in the Susquehanna Virus series

book 2 in the Susquehanna Virus series

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