Steve McEllistrem

The Devereaux Dilemma

Cloning a Mammoth

If we could clone a Woolly Mammoth, should we?

The scientist in me says, “Yes, absolutely. Think how much we could learn about it – how it lived and interacted with its environment. And we could experience something that hasn’t been around for thousands of years. Plus, look at those massive tusks!”

But the humanist in me says, “No. We would have to keep it in a cage of sorts for its own protection. We couldn’t let it roam free. Its habitat is not what it used to be. It would have to be managed and controlled, forever a prisoner. You just know some moron would want to kill it for his trophy collection.”

I think we’re close to pulling it off – probably in the next decade. And I think, once we know how to do it, someone will decide that we ought to. I only hope we’re kinder to the mammoth this time around.

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