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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Freedom vs. Safety

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We all want to be safe. We want the military to keep us safe from terrorism; we want the police to keep us safe from criminals; we want the FBI to protect us from the mafia and other internal threats; … Continue reading


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I like dreaming Imagining things will someday be better than they are We will respect each other Listen to each other Resist judgment because we don’t know all the facts We’ll offer support and friendship And a dollar or two … Continue reading

Faith vs. Truth

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When we discover a “truth” we want to tell the world about it, for we are excited that we’ve learned this new thing and we want others to share our excitement. And sometimes, that’s a good thing. But sometimes it … Continue reading

Why Sports Matter

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I loved sports as a young man, cheering on the home team and playing several sports myself. I saw in athletics the joy of learning what my limits were – the pursuit of physical perfection even though I knew that … Continue reading

Cloning a Mammoth

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If we could clone a Woolly Mammoth, should we? The scientist in me says, “Yes, absolutely. Think how much we could learn about it – how it lived and interacted with its environment. And we could experience something that hasn’t … Continue reading