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The Devereaux Dilemma

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I never knew you. You lived across the street for twenty years, except for those times when the state incarcerated you. I saw you wander the neighborhood collecting other people’s castoffs, seeing value in their trash. A lawn mower with … Continue reading

Individual vs. Societal Rights

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When does a society have the right to tell an individual how to live his life? When does an individual have the right to tell society to leave her alone? Consider the case of a sex offender who has been … Continue reading

Where do characters come from?

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Characters can come from anywhere; they can be composites of people you know, derivatives of people you’ve read about or seen on TV, or wholly invented. But they will also be a part of you if they’re to be believable. … Continue reading

What is good writing?

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What is good writing? Is it brevity? Is it beautiful language that flows – a silky smooth river of words meandering downstream from the premise to the inevitable conclusion, swirling around obstacles in pretty whirlpools that delight, drifting ever further … Continue reading