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Does Isolationism Work?

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With the Ebola virus hitting western Africa hard, there has been increasing talk of isolating ourselves from at least that part of the world. But should we? Many nations take a more isolationist approach to the world than the US. … Continue reading

The Writing Desk Post

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Here’s a post I guest-posted on Tony Riches’ fabulous blog: I’ve long loved the science fiction classics, like Dune, Foundation, Rendezvous with Rama and Fahrenheit 451. But I didn’t start out writing science fiction. I began with fantasies, westerns, mysteries, … Continue reading

Writing Dialogue

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There’s a real art to writing dialogue. You want it to have the feel of a real conversation without it actually being a real conversation. Real conversations are often deadly boring because of all the extraneous words tossed in (um, … Continue reading